About Us

Horizon Taekwon-Do was established in 2001 to fill a need for a fun and family oriented martial arts club in Airdrie, Alberta. Today we continue to offer classes to Airdrie and surrounding areas. 


Moms, dads, couples, families, students, business men and women are getting in shape, losing weight, reducing stress, increasing energy, and building self-confidence, while learning to defend themselves.


Horizon Taekwon-Do believes all martial arts have something positive to contribute and continual learning will help one develop both as a person and as a martial artist. Providing smaller class sizes allows for more one-on-one time, student's build relationships, less disruption and instructors can tailor the class more individually.


Horizon Taekwon-Do is a member of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) and is licensed to teach the Taekwon-Do Kids Development Program (TKD Program). 



Who We Are


Horizon prides itself with teaching the style of Taekwon-Do as developed by Taekwon-Do’s founder, General Choi Hong Hi, and offers its students many opportunities; which include, teaching and leadership, goal setting, time for families to train together, mentorship and personal development. These opportunities are provided through classes, tournaments and many other events and challenges occurring over the training year.


Horizon’s class structure and programs have always kept flexibility in mind. We know how busy everyone is and we want to provide a system which best reflects the lifestyle of our members. Classes are on a per month basis with the ability to start and stop throughout the year with no contracts. 




Horizon Taekwon-Do opened its doors in 2001 in Airdrie with 35 students and only two instructors. Today Horizon has over 115 registered students and has had over 85 black belt promotions. 


Horizon offers two programs, The Li'l Kickers Program designed for 5 to 7 year olds and our Regular Program designed for ages 8 and up. Horizon's Regular Program allows parents, grandparents and guardians to train with their children. Many of Horizon’s black belts are family teams who have trained together from the beginning.