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Li'l Kickers Program
(Ages 5-7)

At Horizon Taekwon-Do, we are passionate about helping children to succeed. Our Li'l Kickers Program is designed to introduce the basics of the martial art to kids aged 5-7 through fun, engaging activities. Students will also be able to work towards belt promotions starting from white and progressing all the way to grey belt. Students must be the age of when at time of registration.


The Li'l Kickers Beginner Class is designed to give students the basics in Taekwon-Do technique and life skills. Through this class, students will learn the fundamentals of the martial art, including the fundamentals of stance, blocks, kicks, and forms. Students will learn about confidence, bravery, friendship in addition to many other life skills. They will progress through promotions and will move to the Senior Class where they will complete the Li'l Kickers Program. This program provides a great foundation for those wanting to learn Taekwon-Do and take their training to the next level.


The Li'l Kickers Senior Class is the perfect way to take your martial arts skills to the next level. This class is designed to help students at a Li'l Kickers orange belt to purple belt, build on the fundamentals they learned in the Li'l Kickers Program Beginner Class. Students will learn more advanced techniques and drills, as well as gain confidence and discipline. 

TKD Program
(Ages 8 & UP)

Horizon Taekwon-Do offers a comprehensive TKD program for students age 8 and above. Our classes are divided into belt levels to effectively allow us focus on specific curriculum and optimize training.Students will progress through 10 belt levels (white belt to black stripe) before promoting to a black belt. Come explore our martial art program and join our Horizon Taekwon-Do family.


The TKD Program Beginner Class is the perfect way to start your Taekwon-Do journey! Our instructors will guide you through the basics of the martial art, starting at a white belt and progressing through to Level 1. As you learn the fundamentals of Taekwon-Do, you’ll develop strength, stamina and confidence in yourself. Students will learn valuable life skills as they progress through all the level building their understanding of themselves and others. 


The TKD Program Level 1 Class is the perfect opportunity to take the next step in your martial arts journey. Our experienced instructors will provide you with the necessary foundation to progress through the belt levels, starting with yellow stripe to yellow belt. With challenging yet achievable drills and techniques, you can be sure that you’ll be building on your taekwon-do knowledge in no time!


Our Level 2 Class is designed to further develop and challenge students who have earned their green stripe. Students will learn more advanced techniques, drills, and forms to help them progress towards achieving their blue stripe. Goal setting is a big part of level 2 as the levels get more fun and a little more challenging.  With high intensity yet achievable drills and techniques, you can be sure that you're Martial Art knowledge and skills will be rapidly increasing.


The Level 3 Class of our Horizon Taekwon-Do program offers advanced techniques to students from blue belt to black stripe. Our instructors are experienced and knowledgeable, and provide personalized attention to each student in order to help them prepare and overcome any challenges they may face in their journey towards their black belt. We believe that with hard work and dedication, every student can reach their goal and be promoted to the next belt level.


The Horizon Taekwon-Do Level 4 Class is a unique and exclusive class for black belt students. Participants choose how intense they want their training to be with options of competing at local, national and international event. Instructing, umpiring or refereeing or just using Taekwon-Do for fitness and a stress reliever. Our instructors are highly experienced and will provide the knowledge and guidance to help you achieve your goals.



At Horizon Taekwon-Do, we offer a unique focus class for our TKD Program. This class allows students to hone their martial arts skills by focusing on one specific area of training. Our focus class encourages students to take their practice to the next level and helps them to develop a deeper understanding of their techniques. Topics can include sparring, kicking drills, self defence, board breaking and more. 

Focus classes will be announced in advance and sign up is required to attend.


Welcome to the Horizon Taekwon-Do Competition Training! Our experienced instructors will help develop your martial art skills to their fullest potential with focus on tournament categories. For students competing in tournaments, this program is designed to ensure that your tournament experience is preparedness and confidence. 

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