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The Li'l Kickers Beginner Class is designed to give students the basics in Taekwon-Do technique and life skills. Through this class, students will learn the fundamentals of the martial art, including the fundamentals of stance, blocks, kicks, and forms. Students will learn about confidence, bravery, friendship in addition to many other life skills. They will progress through promotions and will move to the Senior Class where they will complete the Li'l Kickers Program. This program provides a great foundation for those wanting to learn Taekwon-Do and take their training to the next level.


The Li'l Kickers Senior Class is the perfect way to take your martial arts skills to the next level. This class is designed to help students at a Li'l Kickers orange belt to purple belt, build on the fundamentals they learned in the Li'l Kickers Program Beginner Class. Students will learn more advanced techniques and drills, as well as gain confidence and discipline. 

Li'l Kickers Program
(Ages 5-7)

At Horizon Taekwon-Do, we are passionate about helping children to succeed. Our Li'l Kickers Program is designed to introduce the basics of the martial art to kids aged 5-7 through fun, engaging activities. Students will also be able to work towards belt promotions starting from white and progressing all the way to grey belt. Students must be the age of when at time of registration.

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