Mr. Aron Johnston is a 6th degree black belt and is the founder and head instructor of Horizon Taekwon-Do in Airdrie, Alberta. 


Always looking for ways to learn new techniques, Mr. Johnston has trained in the U.S., England and across Canada learning from many of the world’s best martial artists including General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of Taekwon-Do. Mr. Johnston had the honour of testing for his 3rd degree black belt under General Choi Hong Hi in St. John's, Newfoundland in 2001.


Since 1992, Mr. Johnston has been actively volunteering his time for many worthwhile causes and charities for the betterment of his community. Mr. Johnston has been a certified Pressure Point Control Tactics Instructor (PPCT), trained in first aid and has a Bachelor of Management Degree.


Mr. Johnston has a strong following of students who appreciate having fun while learning Taekwon-Do as developed by the founder, General Choi.


Mr. Aron Johnston Horizon