Beginners Martial Arts Class

This fun and energetic class is a great introduction to Taekwon-Do for children ages 5 to 7. The children will explore different types of techniques and develop both gross and fine motor skills.​ Games and props are used to help children have fun and engaged while learning basic movements. 


The program will help shape each student’s life in a way that will enhance his or her future. Horizon Teakwon-Do is confident in what the program can do for your child! These young students are taught martial arts basics at a level they can easily grasp and are encouraged to be respectful and focused little individuals in a positive and safe atmosphere. We encourage parents to watch their child’s progress in class and continue to support their child’s growth at home.

Our Program Develops:

* Independence, teamwork, leadership & discipline

* Moral principals of Taekwon-Do

* Cognitive skills

* Fitness, strength & flexibility

* Coordination, balance & rhythm

* Street safety & awareness

* And more!


AGES 5 - 7

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