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Li'l Kickers Program


The Li'l Kickers Program is designed for ages 5 to 7 teaches the fundamentals of Taekwon-Do. Our curriculum allows students to grasp content and gain more confidence as they advance through the levels. 

Students train once a week on Saturdays.

Black Belt Class


Our Black Belt class is exclusive to black belt rank students to build on their knowledge and prepare for their next rank.

Students train once a month on Saturday.

Black Belt Prep Class


The Black Belt Prep Class is for students at a Black Stripe level who are working towards their Black Belt.

Students train on Saturdays.

TKD Program


The TKD Program is designed for ages 8 to adult. Students will start their journey in our beginner class and work their way through the levels.

Students train twice a week on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.

TKD Program Flex Class


The Flex Class is an additional class for students to receive extra help or prepare for upcoming tournaments or testing. The class is open to students in our TKD Program at a green stripe and higher. 

Students train on Saturdays.

Tournament Prep Class


Prior to a tournament our instructors will work with students who are competing. The class will focus on specific training that aligns with the divisions in the specific upcoming tournament.

The Tournament Prep Class will be held at the TKD Program Flex Class. Students train on Saturdays.

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